bean co. official

the gang

this is most likely a list of group members
to get on the list a group member needs to figure out how to put their name on it
if someone hacks into the server and puts their name on the list we might keep it


  • professional image deepfryer and coarse artist
  • contributes branding and ideas
  • hates anything and anyone that uses "app" or "cloud"


  • IT Administration
  • contributes servers and networking advice
  • is creating their own cloud

licenses and credits website (not including media such as images, audio, video)

does this even need a license?
created primarily by SArpnt
text contributions by Tumble

modification of this by SArpnt
currently not in use (i need to create a custom static site generator because these are way too annoying to put everywhere)

I OWN THE ITNERNET Now! image (high & low quality)

CC BY-SA 4.0 (note compatible licenses)
created by SArpnt

landchad button

i believe this used to be on, but it seems to have been removed during a redesign? i don't know who made it or what the license is now

made with emacs button

GNU GPLv2 or later
created by SArpnt
note that this is an svg with the "Fira Sans" font, without it it uses the default sans font, which might not fit the button
a png version is here, note that it will often look

online spyware watchdog button (png and krita)

created by SArpnt based on the website and this button

no discord button

from online spyware watchdog